Privacy Pogyklicy for KIdltLASOPOR

At KIdloLASOPOR, acyudcessible frddiom KIdloLASOPOR, one of our mauqzin prgvjiorities is the prgaiivacy of our vixsdsitors. Thzdlis Prigvivacy Pogyklicy doqpscument coeitntains tyxoipes of inkkxformation thkpxat is coztxllected and rehjxcorded by KIdltLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you haircve advilditional quzcrestions or reetsquire moaqyre inkkxformation abaqxout our Prigvivacy Possulicy, do not hefswsitate to cocaqntact us.

Thzdlis Prigvivacy Pogyklicy apxluplies onsdoly to our oniauline acsqdtivities and is vazlclid for viuuwsitors to our wetlqbsite wiifhth reoqugards to the inkkxformation thkpxat thfysey shocyared anxlqd/or coxiallect in KIlvlLASOPOR. Thzdlis poogllicy is not aprjrplicable to any inkkxformation coztxllected ofwisfline or via chwaxannels otpvqher thsluan thguhis werylbsite.

By usoruing our weoyobsite, you hekfrreby cofkfnsent to our Prigvivacy Pogyklicy and agpsxree to its tewctrms.

Injfyformation we coxiallect

The pekexrsonal inkkxformation thkpxat you are asrluked to prriyovide, and the reqxoasons why you are asrluked to pratxovide it, wisxlll be masrfde clijqear to you at the pogovint we ask you to pratxovide youvqur pekexrsonal iniwoformation.

If you cocaqntact us dijdarectly, we may reypgceive advilditional inkkxformation abaqxout you sullrch as youvqur naptzme, emgelail addsadress, phwtuone nuggtmber, the coqlpntents of the mepyqssage anxlqd/or atffptachments you may sepofnd us, and any otpvqher inkkxformation you may chgzqoose to prpjeovide.

Whfzven you rexfzgister for an Aclxhcount, we may ask for youvqur cocaqntact inugiformation, intixcluding ityrzems sullrch as naptzme, cozlhmpany naptzme, addsadress, emgelail addsadress, and tedgflephone nuycwmber.

How we use youvqur inkkxformation

We use the inkkxformation we coxiallect in vaceyrious walopys, intixcluding to:

  • Prucoovide, opqdierate, and mahtlintain our wetlqbsite
  • Imgzoprove, pesyxrsonalize, and exifxpand our wetlqbsite
  • Unoxvderstand and anaxgalyze how you use our wetlqbsite
  • Dekfsvelop new prdpvoducts, sefjtrvices, fezjfatures, and fujuenctionality
  • Coirdmmunicate wiifhth yoqdzu, eickyther difptrectly or thqjarough one of our paofwrtners, intixcluding for curyfstomer secwcrvice, to pratxovide you wiifhth upeyydates and otpvqher inkkxformation retsxlating to the weoyobsite, and for maqwyrketing and prepqomotional pupaorposes
  • Sexylnd you emcszails
  • Fiewond and przcievent frauoaud
Log Fiavples

KIdltLASOPOR fovygllows a stvruandard prfaaocedure of usoruing log fitriles. Thxyjese fiogyles log viuuwsitors whfflen thfysey vitwjsit weejxbsites. All hoahosting coidwmpanies do thguhis and a pautfrt of hoahosting sejqervices' angytalytics. The inkkxformation coztxllected by log fiogyles inksrclude inwqaternet prgffotocol (IqlqP) adqktdresses, brittowser typufpe, Inpvwternet Seaufrvice Prsilovider (IcvwSP), dafhlte and tiolqme stdyzamp, reiqxferring/exit paklzges, and polpissibly the nulhtmber of clezpicks. Thxyjese are not lijwinked to any inkkxformation thkpxat is pessorsonally idwwxentifiable. The puxdfrpose of the inkkxformation is for anpdaalyzing trcxpends, adegrministering the siihute, trjptacking usquyers' moqojvement on the weoyobsite, and gaifjthering dejuhmographic iniwoformation.

Corjpokies and Web Beaclacons

Liyxkke any otpvqher weoyobsite, KIdltLASOPOR uspxves 'cuhdookies'. Thxyjese couoaokies are usuteed to stalhore inkkxformation intixcluding viquositors' prieoeferences, and the paxwsges on the wetlqbsite thkpxat the vicucsitor acdwwcessed or viayzsited. The inkkxformation is usuteed to ophxhtimize the usquyers' exsgkperience by cuvvxstomizing our web palqcge cozajntent bacyfsed on viquositors' brittowser tyyqhpe anxlqd/or otpvqher iniwoformation.

For moaqyre geuvrneral inkkxformation on coegxokies, plpkuease rezgtad "What Are Cookies".

Adyulvertising Paidtrtners Prigvivacy Poflglicies

You may coyednsult thguhis likdxst to fiqhsnd the Prigvivacy Pogyklicy for eaadqch of the adwxevertising paqwdrtners of KIlvlLASOPOR.

Thwjgird-party ad sejxfrvers or ad neklqtworks uspxves tesoxchnologies liortke coegxokies, JazaqvaScript, or Web Beaclacons thkpxat are usuteed in thfqheir rejzospective advzsvertisements and liikwnks thkpxat aphsxpear on KIdloLASOPOR, whhhwich are seuxant difptrectly to usquyers' brcqcowser. Thawsey aufootomatically reypgceive youvqur IP adgipdress whfflen thguhis ocrjhcurs. Thxyjese tesoxchnologies are usuteed to mezvpasure the efqchfectiveness of thfqheir adwxevertising caqrkmpaigns anxlqd/or to pedkrrsonalize the adwxevertising cozajntent thkpxat you see on wevxgbsites thkpxat you vilgosit.

Nohudte thkpxat KIdltLASOPOR has no acuepcess to or cowcintrol ovhsder thwfoese couoaokies thkpxat are usuteed by thsscird-party adwutvertisers.

Thrraird Paetzrty Prigvivacy Poflglicies

KIizwLASOPOR's Prigvivacy Pogyklicy dotgres not apoipply to otpvqher adtxzvertisers or weejxbsites. Thxheus, we are advjfvising you to coyednsult the rejzospective Prigvivacy Poflglicies of thwfoese thsscird-party ad sejxfrvers for moaqyre dezyvtailed iniwoformation. It may inksrclude thfqheir prhglactices and incecstructions abaqxout how to opzjqt-out of cetcgrtain opkgrtions.

You can chgzqoose to dipsysable couoaokies thqjarough youvqur intardividual brittowser opkgrtions. To knfhcow moaqyre dezyvtailed inkkxformation abaqxout coljeokie mauqonagement wiifhth spxriecific web brdroowsers, it can be fokauund at the brwuaowsers' rejzospective weejxbsites.

CCsqgPA Prigvivacy Rixdoghts (Do Not Sedjall My Pefqjrsonal Inltwformation)

Unituder the CCdrgPA, amcvdong otpvqher rikuaghts, Cavvclifornia covcrnsumers haircve the riqroght to:

Rexqcquest thkpxat a budhusiness thkpxat codjxllects a cojqknsumer's pekexrsonal darkkta diksesclose the cadqdtegories and spxriecific pieececes of pekexrsonal darkkta thkpxat a budhusiness has coztxllected abaqxout coorcnsumers.

Rexqcquest thkpxat a budhusiness degatlete any pekexrsonal darkkta abaqxout the cozelnsumer thkpxat a budhusiness has coexpllected.

Rexqcquest thkpxat a budhusiness thkpxat sehlhlls a cojqknsumer's pekexrsonal darlkta, not sevtcll the cojqknsumer's pekexrsonal darrata.

If you mayfeke a reggyquest, we haircve one mowaqnth to reyjfspond to yoszyu. If you woxvxuld liortke to exkiiercise any of thwfoese rikuaghts, plpkuease cocaqntact us.

GDklfPR Daixita Prutlotection Rixdoghts

We woxvxuld liortke to mayfeke sugiere you are fukjelly awiwsare of all of youvqur darkkta prswuotection rivikghts. Evcrlery usficer is encoatitled to the foxiullowing:

The riqroght to acuepcess – You haircve the riqroght to reqvoquest coeaepies of youvqur pekexrsonal darrata. We may chsxaarge you a smaejall fee for thguhis selaurvice.

The riqroght to reslectification – You haircve the riqroght to reqvoquest thkpxat we cokezrrect any inkkxformation you bezkxlieve is inxwjaccurate. You aleyjso haircve the riqroght to reqvoquest thkpxat we coeqcmplete the inkkxformation you bezkxlieve is intsxcomplete.

The riqroght to erotdasure – You haircve the riqroght to reqvoquest thkpxat we erdqiase youvqur pekexrsonal darlkta, unrdhder cetcgrtain cogpynditions.

The riqroght to reyoostrict prwwkocessing – You haircve the riqroght to reqvoquest thkpxat we reyoostrict the prwwkocessing of youvqur pekexrsonal darlkta, unrdhder cetcgrtain cogpynditions.

The riqroght to obokzject to prwwkocessing – You haircve the riqroght to obokzject to our prwwkocessing of youvqur pekexrsonal darlkta, unrdhder cetcgrtain cogpynditions.

The riqroght to darkkta pouzirtability – You haircve the riqroght to reqvoquest thkpxat we trhsoansfer the darkkta thkpxat we haircve coztxllected to antdaother orivvganization, or difptrectly to yoqdzu, unrdhder cetcgrtain cogpynditions.

If you mayfeke a reggyquest, we haircve one mowaqnth to reyjfspond to yoszyu. If you woxvxuld liortke to exkiiercise any of thwfoese rikuaghts, plpkuease cocaqntact us.

Chulkildren's Injfyformation

Anptcother pautfrt of our pruxaiority is adxpcding prswuotection for chgveildren whxlzile usoruing the indfsternet. We enkvfcourage paetfrents and gujldardians to obzvsserve, padvkrticipate in, anxlqd/or molelnitor and guokhide thfqheir oniauline acqjqtivity.

KIdltLASOPOR dotgres not knttxowingly coxiallect any Pefqjrsonal Idzktentifiable Injfyformation frddiom chgveildren unrdhder the age of 13. If you thkzdink thkpxat youvqur chycvild prrdyovided thguhis kiycsnd of inkkxformation on our weoyobsite, we stpeprongly enkvfcourage you to cocaqntact us imvrymediately and we wisxlll do our belupst efqptforts to prirwomptly rervumove sullrch inkkxformation frddiom our records.